The following reports have been taken from the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) Website, click on the photo to view the full official report on the AAIU web site. Where the is no photograph the report can be accessed by clicking on the icon. The extracts below only contain the AAIU synopsis to each incident / accident
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EI-ICR, Sikorsky S-92A, CHC Ireland

Incident/Accident Date: 2017-03-14

Report No: 2018-004, Published: 2018-03-16

Image by: David McGrath

In accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO), Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 and the provisions of SI 460 of 2009, the following Interim Statement is issued on the first anniversary of the accident and provides an update on the status of the Investigation. The sole purpose of this Investigation is the prevention of aviation Accidents and Incidents; it is not the purpose of the Investigation to apportion blame or liability. This Interim Statement should be read in conjunction with the published Preliminary Report published on 13 April 2017.

EI-AXT, Piper J5A, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2016-09-13

Report No: 2018-003, Published: 2018-02-28

Image by: AAIU Report

When landing in a sloping agricultural field near Castleblaney Co. Monaghan, following a flight from a private airstrip in Co. Galway, the tail-wheel aircraft touched down hard and bounced. The Pilot applied engine power “to avoid a stall” and the aircraft touched down again approximately 45 metres (m) further on. This was followed by a series of bounces and a loss of directional control, resulting in the right hand wing tip making contact with the ground. The aircraft came to rest in a nose-down position. The Pilot, who was the sole occupant, was uninjured.

EI-FAV, ATR 72-212A, Stobart Air

Incident/Accident Date: 2015-07-23

Report No: 2018-002, Published: 2018-02-09

Image by: Gerry Barron

During preparations for departure from Dublin Airport (EIDW) on a scheduled flight to Rennes (Saint Jacques) Airport, France (LFRN), the passenger baggage was placed in the aft aircraft baggage hold instead of the forward baggage hold. The Load Instruction Report (LIR) and the prepared loadsheet both indicated that the baggage had been loaded in the forward hold. The aircraft departed with the Centre of Gravity outside approved loading limits. The aircraft subsequently landed at its destination where the loading error was discovered.

EI-CUJ / G-GFSA, Cessna 172N / Cessna 172R, Atlantic Flight Training Academy

Incident/Accident Date: 2017-05-23

Report No: 2018-001, Published: 2018-01-24

Image by: Mark Dwyer

A Cessna 172, EI-CUJ, with a solo Student Pilot on board, was given clearance by the Air Movements Controller (AMC) to backtrack and line up on Runway (RWY) 25 at Cork Airport. While EI-CUJ was taxiing, a second Cessna 172, G-GFSA, with a Flight Instructor and Student on board, was given take-off clearance on RWY 35. As G-GFSA was climbing away, the AMC saw that EI-CUJ had become airborne from RWY 25 without clearance.

EI-FAT, ATR 72-212A, Stobart Air

Incident/Accident Date: 2017-05-26

Report No: 2017-018, Published: 2017-12-28

Image by: Tom O'Connor

At 17.55 hrs on the 26 May 2017, the ATR 72 aircraft landed at Cork Airport (EICK) following a scheduled flight from Manchester (EGCC). During disembarkation a passenger fell from the top of the passenger door stairs to the ground. The passenger sustained head, knee and shoulder injuries.

N707XJ, Cessna 177A, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2017-01-21

Report No: 2017-017, Published: 2017-12-13

Image by: Derek Heley

The Pilot reported that while in the cruise at a height of approximately 1,500 ft, the aircraft suffered a sudden loss of power. A successful forced landing was carried out into a grass field. No injuries were reported and there was no damage. The engine power loss was subsequently found to have been caused by fuel starvation.

G-GMKE, Robin HR-200, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2016-11-07

Report No: 2017-016, Published: 2017-12-12

Image by: AAIU Report

The aircraft landed on Runway (RWY) 27 at Navan Airfield (EIHH). It overran the grass runway and had a low speed impact with a boundary fence. The aircraft came to a stop and the Pilot and passenger exited the aircraft unaided. There were no injuries and there was no fire.

EI-ROB, Robin R1180TD, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2016-11-05

Report No: 2017-015, Published: 2017-12-11

Image by: AAIU Report

EI-ROB departed Weston Airport (EIWT) at 11.10 hrs on 5 November 2016 on a general aviation flight to Kerry Airport (EIKY). Following an uneventful en route flight, the aircraft was cleared to approach Runway (RWY) 08 at EIKY. The Pilot reported that on touch down a gust of wind caught the aircraft, causing it to veer towards the edge of the runway. The aircraft entered the soft grass at the side of the runway; the nose-gear dug into the wet ground and the aircraft pitched up onto its nose before coming to rest. The Pilot exited the aircraft unaided. There was no fire.

G-HWKS, Robinson R44 Raven I, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2016-05-28

Report No: 2017-014, Published: 2017-12-07

Image by: AAIU Report

While attempting to land in an agricultural field in Co. Donegal, Ireland, following a short flight from Belleek, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, the helicopter’s main rotor blades struck and cut electrical wires that were traversing the field. The tail of the helicopter immediately swung downwards and to the right (looking forward), before the helicopter was brought under control. A landing was immediately carried out and the Pilot and the three passengers on board exited the helicopter normally. There was no fire and no injuries were reported.

EI-CPI, Rutan Long-EZ, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2017-03-27

Report No: 2017-013, Published: 2017-12-04

Image by: Paul Chandler

The Pilot was undertaking a short local flight with the intention of returning to Waterford Airport (EIWF) for circuit work. Approximately 18 minutes after take-off, at an altitude of 2,000 ft, the Pilot declared an emergency and informed Waterford ATC that his engine had stopped. He gave his approximate position as near Dungarvan and told ATC that he had selected a field for a landing. Waterford ATC acknowledged the MAYDAY call, gave the wind information (at EIWF) and advised the Pilot to concentrate on landing. Following a flight path in a north-easterly direction, the aircraft impacted trees at a height of 4.4 metres (m). The Waterford-based Irish Coast Guard (IRCG) helicopter was airborne on a training detail at the time. The helicopter crew heard the MAYDAY call and arrived at the scene within minutes under the self-tasked callsign ‘Rescue 117’. The Pilot of EI-CPI was fatally injured in the accident. There was no fire.
Records 1 to 10 of 423