The following reports have been taken from the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) Website, click on the photo to view the full official report on the AAIU web site. Where the is no photograph the report can be accessed by clicking on the icon. The extracts below only contain the AAIU synopsis to each incident / accident
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G-ECOP, Bombardier DHC 8-402, FlyBe

Incident/Accident Date: 2016-04-27

Report No: 2017-002, Published: 2017-01-20

Image by: Andrew Thomas

On a scheduled passenger flight, shortly before descent into Dublin (EIDW), the Co-pilot began to feel unwell and requested to leave the flight deck for a few minutes. Before the Co-pilot left his seat, the Commander felt an unexpected aircraft upset in the form of a yaw and roll to the left. The Co-pilot, who had become incapacitated, had inadvertently made an input to the left rudder pedal. The Commander returned the aircraft to normal flight and the aircraft landed without further incident. There were no injuries.

No Reg, Speedster 28, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2016-06-04

Report No: 2017-001, Published: 2017-01-11

Image by: AAIU Report

The paramotor was foot-launched by the Pilot from Gormanston Beach. Witnesses observed it climbing out over the sea where it was seen performing a number of orbits and steep turns during which the paramotor would descend to the surface and climb back to its original altitude. It was then observed entering a rapid spiralling descent. It impacted in shallow water approximately 150 metres (m) from the shoreline. The Pilot was fatally injured.

EI-FSA, TL 3000 Sirius, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2016-08-16

Report No: 2016-019, Published: 2016-12-29

Image by: AAIU Report

The aircraft, with the Pilot and one passenger on board, was returning to Cregboy from Letterkenny airfield (EILT). During the landing, the Pilot reported that the aircraft’s rate of descent increased unexpectedly, resulting in a hard landing and bounce. The aircraft subsequently touched down again on its nose wheel. The nose gear assembly fractured and the nose and propeller of the aircraft contacted the ground. There was extensive damage to the aircraft. There were no injuries.

EI-FIH, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair

Incident/Accident Date: 2015-09-05

Report No: 2016-018, Published: 2016-12-05

Image by: Marcus Klockner

The aircraft was on a scheduled passenger flight from Lille Airport, France (LFQQ), to Porto Airport, Portugal (LPPR). After an uneventful flight, the aircraft commenced a non-precision approach to runway (RWY) 35 at LPPR. When the aircraft was established on the final approach, the Co-Pilot, who was Pilot Flying (PF), was distracted by a green laser light being shone towards the aircraft and raised his hand to protect his eyes. The Commander, who was Pilot Monitoring (PM), looked up and was struck in both eyes by the laser light. The Commander’s vision became temporarily impaired. Due to the laser illumination, Flight Crew coordination was compromised, which led to the final descent being delayed and the approach becoming unstable. The Commander elected to carry out a missed approach. The aircraft subsequently landed on RWY 17 without further incident. There were no injuries.

EI-CDP, Cessna 182L, Irish Parachute Club

Incident/Accident Date: 2015-08-08

Report No: 2016-017, Published: 2016-11-30

Image by: AAIU Report

The Pilot positioned the aircraft, with three skydivers on board, overhead Clonbullogue Airfield (EICL) at a height of 3,500 ft with the intention of releasing two students for static line parachute jumps. Following his release from the right wing strut, the first student was jerked back and saw that his main parachute canopy was entangled around the right-hand side horizontal stabiliser of the aircraft. At the same time the aircraft pitched up suddenly. The Student immediately ‘cut-away’ from his main canopy, his reserve parachute deployed and he landed within the drop zone at EICL. Subsequent to the sudden pitch-up, the aircraft rolled to the right and entered a spin. The Pilot performed a spin recovery, which was achieved by 1,000 ft. The aircraft, with the remaining three persons on board, landed at EICL without further incident. Significant damage was found on the aircraft’s empennage and the Student’s main canopy. There were no injuries.

N247P, Cessna T182T, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2015-05-24

Report No: 2016-016, Published: 2016-10-26

Image by: N/A

The aircraft, with a Pilot, Passenger and two pet dogs on board, was en-route to the Irish Light Aviation Society airfield (ILAS Field) near Taghmon, Co. Wexford to attend a 'breakfast fly-in' that had been arranged for that day. It departed Athboy Airfield (EIMH), Co. Meath at 09.00 hrs and routed in a southerly direction at an altitude of approximately 1,500 ft towards Athy before turning to route directly towards the destination. Shortly after passing Carlow a shallow climb was initiated. The aircraft impacted high terrain at Blackstairs Mt. at 09.30 hrs, fatally injuring all on board. There was no fire.

D-AIBC, Airbus A319-112, Lufthansa

Incident/Accident Date: 2015-11-27

Report No: 2016-015, Published: 2016-10-10

Image by: AAIU Report

At the commencement of a scheduled passenger flight from Dublin (EIDW) to Munich, Germany (EDDM), the aircraft, an Airbus A319-112, began the pushback and engine start procedure from parking stand 306L at EIDW. The No. 2 engine failed to start and the aircraft was towed back onto stand. When the aircraft had returned to the stand, the Cabin Crew reported to the Flight Crew that there was smoke in the cabin. The aircraft Commander declared a ‘Mayday’ by radio to Air Traffic Control (ATC) and directed the Cabin Crew to prepare for an emergency evacuation. The Flight Crew commenced the aircraft checklist for emergency evacuation. Following completion of this checklist it was noted that the smoke had begun to dissipate from the cabin. Because of this the aircraft Commander elected to disembark the passengers normally via the airbridge. There were no injuries.

EI-DNN, Bede BD-5GR, Private

Incident/Accident Date: 2015-07-25

Report No: 2016-014, Published: 2016-10-06

Image by: AAIU Report

The aircraft was on a general aviation flight from Waterford Airport, via Ardmore, to Shannon Airport. Some minutes after take-off the Pilot made a Mayday call and informed Air Traffic Control (ATC) that he had an engine fire, had lost elevator authority and would have to land in a field. A forced landing was attempted into a field at Garranbaun, Co. Waterford; this proved unsuccessful and the aircraft impacted the ground, with wreckage strewn over approximately 63 metres (m) along a general orientation of 050° magnetic. There was a significant post-accident ground fire. The Pilot did not survive the accident.

EI-EFB, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair

Incident/Accident Date: 2014-09-18

Report No: 2016-013, Published: 2016-09-22

Image by: Paul Daly

The aircraft was on a scheduled passenger flight from Almeria (LEAM), Spain, to Stansted (EGSS), United Kingdom. During the descent, at approximately 20,000 feet, the aircraft Commander became aware of an unusual smell in the cockpit. The Flight Crew donned their oxygen masks and declared a Mayday. Air Traffic Control facilitated an expeditious approach to EGSS, where a normal landing was performed. Throughout the event, there were no reports of unusual smells in the aircraft cabin.

EI-ESZ, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair

Incident/Accident Date: 2015-11-02

Report No: 2016-012, Published: 2016-08-30

Image by: Derek Heley

Following a scheduled passenger flight, while the Boeing 737 aircraft was manoeuvring onto its parking stand at EIDW, two workers in a worksite behind the aircraft were blown over by jet blast from the aircraft. Both workers suffered bruising injuries as a result.
Records 1 to 10 of 403