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trip around Ireland list of aircraft noted

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trip around Ireland list of aircraft noted

Postby hugoj_air » Sun Aug 22, 2004 2:06 pm

Hi Everyone,
I have this report sitting in another section of the forum and realised
perhaps this is the section it should be in, well maybe. :?: Anyway see
what you think.

Trip around Ireland 1st to 5th Aug 2004

Two of us, Ian Thompson from Armagh and myself, Hugo Wilhare from
Donegal made the trip by road. Covering a total of 825 miles.
The tour started at Dromod mail line railway station, Co Leitrim, where
alongside the Cavan & Leitrim Steam and Motor Museum, is the
Aviation collection of the South East Aviation Enthusiasts Group run by
among others, Phil Bedford, a mine of information on bits and pieces of
aircraft throughtout Ireland. He is always interested in any details about
aircraft in Ireland, in particular those in non flying condition.

Day 1
Dromod Sun 1st Aug 2004
open storage
IAC 184/183 Percival P56 Provost T51 almost complete fuselage of 184 and wings of 183
VP-BDF Boeing 707-321C cockpit only
G-AOIE Douglas DC-7C cockpit and front
fuselage only
EI-BDM Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D fuselage on trailer
wings separate
IAC 192 deHavilland DH115 Vampire T55 fuselage-wings &
tailbooms separate

stored in the old steam engine shed
IAC 173 deHavilland DHC-1 Chipmunk T20 fuselage & wings
EI-100 SZD-12A Mucha 100A out of sequence
markings to
reflect type
number 100
G-AKEL Miles M.65 Gemini 1A front cockpit and
nose section only.
Silver with blue trim. At first it was thought this section belong to G-ALCS, but further research revealed it as G-AKEL. Which should mean the fuselage in the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum
Hollywood Co Down is in fact G-ALCS. Phil Bedford hopes to use this section and the remains of the Aeries 1 G-AOGA [severely damaged in transit from New Ross, 2002] in order to rebuild a static display aircraft of the Aeries.

in storage inside verious buses around the site

BGA1424/XC Slingsby T.8 Tudor undergoing repairs
ex RA877
BGA1410 Grunau Baby III
RA881 Slingsby T.7 Cadet TX.1 ex RAF cockpit only
EI-139 Slingsby T.31B Tandem Tutor
G-BJMM Cremer Cracker Toy Balloon in a small bag!!
NC285RS NA-145 Navion bits and pieces
only including tail
fin and part of the
cockpit section.
EI-ACP Taylorcraft Plus D Wings only

There are many pieces of aircraft spread around the site but time restrictions forced us to move on.

Dromod marine Sun 1st Aug 2004
While we were at the museum, in the far distance, an amphibian
aircraft was noted lining up to land on Lough Bofin close to Dromod.
To far away to even make out the aircraft type.
Phil Bedford told us that was a normal occurance, with frequent
visits from the Killaloe based LA.4’s and N210SA Maule (now up
for sale). A quick look later showed nothing.

Sligo-Strandhill Sun 1st Aug 2004 17:45 to 19.15
Very friendly indeed. permission was sought and givin to photograph
all aircraft on the hangar aprons and inside the hangars. But with strict
instructions that we were not to enter the Irish Air Corps ASR hangar.
All the aircraft noted were in active condition, with the exception of

on passenger apron
EI-CPT Aerospatiale ATR-42-320 Dublin service on the apron in front of the hangers
G-JOON Cessna 182D Skylane parachute
G-SAMM Cessna 340A II RAM
G-WIFE Cessna R182 Skylane RG II based

EI-BMU Monnett Sonerai IIL based
G-BTSP Piper J/3c-65 Cub based
G-BWJY deHavilland DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 carrying RAF serial WG469
and colours
EI-BMN Reims Cessna F152-II still in basic Iona
colours carrying
“Flight Training School” titles
EI-BBC Piper PA-28 Cherokee 180C based
G-MTUB Thruster TST Mk.1 based for sale
G-OMDG Hoffmann H-36 Dimona wings folded
EI-SAC Cessna 172P Skyhawk II based

on the grass 100m east of the hangers
G-ECAT Fokker F.27 Friendship Mk 500 RF dam 03.11.2002
fuselage only. now used by
the airport firefighters for

IAC257 Sikorsky S61N 18:56
based ASR
EI-BGJ Reims Cessna F.152 II 18:59

Day 2
Connaught Regional Airport-Knock Mon 2nd Aug 2004
Arrived in the middle of a lightning storm and downpore, but that was’nt
why the apron was totally empty. It was the Irish bank holiday Monday
morning 10:30 hours. I think if we were there in the afternoon or
evening it would have been very busy indeed with outgoing traffic.

Eyre Square Shopping Centre Mon 2nd Aug 2004
A T.8 Tudor glider was reported as on display in the main entrence.
It was removed around a year ago (2003) to Ashbourne, north of
Dublin for restoration by an Aer Lingus BAe 146 pilot – Phil Bedford
lent him a trailer to move it.

Fair Green-Galway City Helipad Mon 2nd Aug 2004
Located just east of the railway station near the Fair Green carpark
and across the road from the new Radison SAS hotel, are the two
landing pads, which proved to be empty. A workman nearby thought
it was connected to the building site across the road. Apperantly it
was extensively used during the Galway Horse Race Week. It all looks
very temporary in construction, with a portacabin for the office and the
steps up to the pads lined with scaffolding poles as handrails.

Galway-Carnmore Mon 2nd Aug 2004 15:00 to 16:20
Once again very friendly, but it does help if someone airside knows you
personally, as was my case. Because of the regular international flights,
the airport authorities are barred from allowing visitors airside. Photo ID
of some discription would help. Advance contact might also make a
difference. But be prepered for a negitive answer. However all aircraft
on the hangar apron can be read of from the security fence.

EI-BID Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub based
EI-DGS Zepher ATEC 2000 based
OK-FUA-09 Urban-Air UFM-11 Lambada II
D-KMDP Fornier RF3
EI-CJR SNCAN Stampe SV-4A based
EI-BJO Cessna R172K Hawk XP II based

on the passenger apron

EI-REF ATR-72-202

on the hanger apron
G-AFNG deHavilland DH94 Moth Minor based for sale in immaculate
EI-BBE Champion 7FC Tri Traveller based Tailwheel
EI-BIB Reims Cessna F.152
EI-MCF Cessna 172R Skyhawk
EI-DGV Zepher ATEC 2000 based newly registered
fuselage unmarked
G-AOFJ Auster J/1N Alpha based

Oranmore-Deerpark Ind Park Mon 2nd Aug 2004 16:30 to 17:00
Although only in operation for about two years, Executive Helicopters
are exceptionally busy. The hangar contained no less than eight R.44’s
in verious stages of preperation. Six of which were awaiting the
registrations to be applied to the aircraft. I was told that there are plans
to expand the hangerage to double it’s present size over the next year.
Again access to the apron and hanger was granted. Very friendly
people indeed.

EI-DOC Robinson R.44 Raven I c/n1400
EI-CZM Robinson R.44 Raven
EI-EHF Robinson R.44 Raven I c/n 1389
EI-MOR Robinson R.44 Raven I c/n 1392
EI-MJR Robinson R.44 Raven II c/n 1391
EI-GPZ Robinson R.44 Raven I c/n 1388
EI-JAL Robinson R.44 Raven II
EI-JFD Robinson R.44 based

In different area’s outside
EI-EHG Robinson R.22 Beta II based
EI-NZO Eurocopter EC120B based EI-TOI
taped over
EI-PJW Eurocopter EC120B
EI-GKL Robinson R.22

Gort-Derrykeel Mon 2nd Aug 2004 18:25
Advance contact was made with the owner by phone
based at this private strip 8k east of Gort is
G-MTUE Thruster TST Mk1 housed in an open fronted
shed. Stored
two X-Air’s were based here recently-no other details

Day 3
Shannon Airport Tue 3rd 2004 10:45 to 11:45
This was our first visit to this airport. We were plesently surprised
to find excellent public viewing facilities on the second floor of the
main terminal building, giving a good all round view of the apron
and the verious distant hangers. A good telescope or binoculars
is a must.

Main apron
N161AT Lockheed L.1011-385 tri Star
N653US Boeing 767-2B7ER
EI-EWR Airbus A330-202
N862DA Boeing 767-232ER
EI-JFK Airbus A330-201
EI-CJG Boeing 737-204 ADV
10040 Boeing C-40B

Air Atlanta maintance apron
CS-TLO Boeing 767-383ER Ex SAS dep 06.08.2004 on
del to Euro Atlantic Airways
LV-WTY McDonnell Douglas MD-80/90 DLA stored
N327MR Boeing 767-200 stored
EI-CXK Boeing 737-4S3 white

Thanks to Trevor Mulkerrins via Irish Spotters for sorting out the
above stored aircraft for us. Thanks Trevor.

Light aircraft park
EI-BPL Reims Cessna F.172K Skyhawk based
G-AVAU Piper PA-30-160B Twin Commanche
HB-EJW Beech B36TC Bonanza

Cargo area
G-CEXJ Airbus A300B4-203F
G-BIKS Boeing 757-236F

Westair apron
RA-74016 Antonov An-74
EI-WJN Bae HS125 Srs 700A based

EC-CFA Boeing 727-256 Adv derelict

EI-CSB Boeing 737-8AS 11:01
G-JEBC Bae 146-300 11:41
G-BYRV deHavilland DHC 8-311B Dash 8 11:45

Radison SAS Hotel Tue 3rd Aug 2004 12:00
North side of the N18 road on approach to Limerick city, close to the
county boundry with Co clare. The following was noted on the helipad.
N222WX Bell 222A reg date 24.06.2004

Coonagh Tue 3rd Aug 2004 12:05 to 12:35
Club members here gave us permission to enter the apron and hanger
to get our photographs. Very friendly.

N172AM Cessna 172M Skyhawk II part time based between here
and Brittas House
EI-BNU SOCATA MS880B Rallye Club based
EI-BHY SOCATA Rallye 100ST based

G-MZFA Cyclone AX2000 based
EI-DDD Aeronca 7AC Champion based
G-BXZT SOCATA MS880B Rallye Club based
EI-BMJ SOCATA MS880B Rallye 100T based
EI-CIZ Microbolt Skybolt based
EI-DDD Aeronca 7AC Champion
EI-BFP SOCATA MS880B Rallye 100ST based
EI-BYX Champion 7 GCAA based
All the above appeared in active condition
EI-BCH SOCATA MS892A-150 Rallye Commodore wings only
EI-CJV Moskito 2 based fuslage only

Blackwater Tue 3rd Aug 2004
Prior permission had been obtained by phone
Based at this private strip north of Limerick are the following
EI-BJC Aeronca 7AC Champion
G-MYLD Rans S-6ESD Coyote II

Brittas House Tue 3rd Aug 2004
This private strip near Limerick city, is the base for Pacnet, which
operates three Cessna aircraft. Again prior permission by phone was
Present on our visit were
N6593W Cessna P210N Allison 400 HP Turbine based
? Rans S7 under construction
of the two other Cessna’s based here
N172AM was noted at Coonagh earlier in the day and was
again noted o/h Blackwater en route Abbeyshrule
N182PN Cessna 182R was at Abbeyshrule undergoing
maintaince all three share their based time between
here and Coonagh

Dolla Tues 3rd Aug 2004
The owner of this strip near Dolla, was contacted in advance.
Once again very friendly and very helpful.

Based here and active is
EI-BCP Druine D.62B Condor In excellent condition and
housed in it own hangar.
EI-BLB SNCAN Stampe SV-4B The remains of the Stampe
are stored in a shed nearby

Toomyvara Tue 3rd Aug 2004
A phone call in advance cleared the way for a visit to this strip, to the
north of Toomyvara. Since my last visit two years ago, this location
has undergone a major upgrade in hangarage. Now sporting a large
unit capable of holding about 12 aircraft. As the grass strip here is just
367m long it’s only suitable for STOL type aircraft or microlights.

in hangar 1
G-AGVN Auster J/1 Autocrat based active

in hangar 2
G-ASUI Beagle A.61 Terrier 2 based active

Present in the new hangar were
EI-BCS SOCATA MS880B Rallye 100T Awaiting
G-BTFK Taylorcraft BC-12D based active
PH-SMD Piper PA-32-300Cherokee 6 After it’s accident at Brittas
House airstrip on 22.07.2003
the PA-32 was roaded to this
site. Awaiting repairs.
Between 29.04 and 10.07.2003 this Chreokee 6
PH-SMD completed a round the world flight in aid of
charity. All donations were to go directly to the
Marie Keating Foundation.
EI-BGC Morane Saulnier 880B Rallye Club tail fin only

Day 4
Kilrush Wed 4th Aug 2004 12:00
When we arrrived at the airfield we had expected some activity, but it
was very quite. The only person we could find was a gardner cutting
grass nearby. We then asked if there was anybody around who
could give permission to enter the apron and hangars. He said there
was’nt, but could see no reason why not. We were surprised to find
all the hangers opened. Present were:

On the grass just west of the control tower
EI-BIT SOCATA MS.887 Rallye 125 l ooking very
almost stripped of all usable parts, including the
engine. Still on it’s U/c and tyres were fully inflated
EI-BVK Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk Minus prop and spinner,
otherwise intact

Hangar 1 east of the tower
EI-BSB Wassmer Jodel D.112 based
G-AWMN Phoenix Luton LA.4A Minor based
G-RVIB Vans RV-6 Active
G-IVAL CAP 10B based
G-CWOT Phoenix Currie Wot based
G-BEMM Slingsby Cadet III Active
G-BSHK Kitfox 2 Active
G-BUXV Piper Super Pacer Damaged

Hangar 2 west of threshold of runway 19
EI-DBI Raj Hamsa X-Air Falcon Mk2 based still to be completed, no
instrument panel
????? Pegasus Quik unmarked
microlight pod,
wing folded in storage case
EI-AYY Evans VP-1 Active
G-CCPB Mainair Sports Blade 912 Active
G-MYDM Whittaker MW-6S Fat Boy Active
G-AVZX SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club based
EI-MUR Robinson R.22 Beta based
N3109X Cessna 152 based
G-PITS Pits S-2AE Special severe damage to starboard
upper wing, starboard
elevator and tail plane
G-MTXL Nobel Hardiman Snowbird Mk.IV
G-BWKJ Rans S7 Courier Active
EI-BDL Evans VP-2 based
EI-AYR Schliecher ASK 16 based

Hangar 3 beside H2 close to runway
EI-BYL Heinz Zenith CH-250 based
EI-BCN Piper J/3C-65-Cub Active
G-BMZX Wolf W-II Boredom Fighter Active
EI-BCL Cessna 182P Skylane II Active
EI-BBV Piper J/3C-65-Cub Active carries U.S. Army
Serial No. 44-80762 and

G-ARWO Cessna 172C Skyhawk based
G-BXDP deHavilland DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 based
EI-CFF Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser Active
G-AVSE Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C looks Active
N21UH Hiller UH-12 Active new

unless otherwise stated all the above aircraft were active

at the rear of the two new hangar’s is a garden with outdoor
tables and chairs in a very plesent area, including a fountain.
It would be a very relaxing place to sit and watch the activity,
even better if runway 19 is the active.

Gowran Grange Wed 4th Aug 2004 14:10
Luckily, we timed our arrival with that of the keyholder, who was
very helpful with information on the contents of the hanger.
All except the Silent based.

in paint shop
EI-133 Schleicher K8B dismantled undergoing minor
WZ762 Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper TX.1 airframe hanging on wall -
wings & tail in loft
EI-143 Schleicher ASK13
EI-108 Schleicher K8B
EI-150 Schleicher ASK-21
EI-112 Schleicher ASK13
EI-140 SZD-12A Mucha 100A
EI-120 LET L-13 Blanik
EI-102 Slingsby T.26 Kite 2
EI-128 Schleicher Ka6CR based in trailer
I-6069 Silent motor glider Itialian reg roaded in
to fly unusual single bladed prop with
counter balance
EI-102 Slingsby T.61 Kite 2 Stored in loft
EI-BIK Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub based
G-AVOO Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub based

There are about 20 trailers here, each containing a glider.
some of the contants
EI-128 Schleicher Ka 6CR based
EI-136 Schleicher ASK 18 based
EI-111 Schleicher Ka 6CR based
EI-123 B?lkow Phoebus C inside damaged wooden trailer

Newcastle Co Wicklow Wed 4th Aug 2004 16:40
We were surprised to find this airfield closed and locked. I
assmed as it has a maintaince area, it would be opened,
maybe it was holiday time.

Weston Wed 4th Aug 2004 18:35 to 19:30
Very busy airfield as usual. But not too busy for people like
ourselves, trying to follow our hobby. The staff here could’nt
be more helpful. With access granted we noted the following:

car park area
EI-BBJ SOCATA M.S. 880B Rallye Club 100ST based
open storage
EI-BMB SOCATA M.S. 880B Rallye Club 100T based
open storage

Maintenance Hangar
EI-CIN Cessna 150K based
EI-BAT Reims/ Cessna F.150M based

in the reconstructed hangars near the old entrance
G-BSZC Beech C-45H-BH Expeditor based
N132CK Cessna 421A based
G-OSPS Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub based
also carrying marks 51-15555 & USAF markings
G-JCUB Piper PA-18-135 Super Cub based
N4575C Grumman G 21A Goose based
following accident, engines on maintenance
EI-CIG Piper PA-18 Super Cub 150 based
EI-BIV Bellanca 8KCAB Super Decathlon based

on the hangar aprons
N717HL Beechcraft 58P Baron
N500CS Beechcraft 200 King Air based
EI-CNM Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain based

“new” hanger
EI-BSL Piper PA-34-220T-3 Seneca based
EI-BOE SOCATA TB.10 Tobago based
EI-BUA Cessna 172M Skyhawk II based
EI-BUT SOCATA M.S.893A Rallye Commodore 180 Galaren
EI-BSK SOCATA TB.9 Rallye Tampico based
EI-BMI SOCATA TB.9 Rallye Tampico based

behind hangars
G-BTVV Reims Cessna FA.337G Super Skymaster

private land behind hangars
N9146N Cessna 401B RAM based
WFU corrosion in main spar

apron area near fuel pumps
EI-EGG Robinson R.44 Raven based
G-MGAN Robinson R-44 Astro

helicopter parking area
EI-DDA Robinson R.44 Ravan II based
EI-DDB Eurocopter EC.120B based
EI-GAV Robinson R.22 Beta II based
EI-HXM Bell Textron 206B Jet Ranger II
EI-CZP Schweizer 269 C-1 based
G-WSEC Enstrom F-28C based
EI-CZL Schweizer 269 C-1 based
EI-OBJ Robinson R.22 Beta II based
EI-CWR Robinson R.22 Beta II based
EI-DDI Schweizer 269 C-1 based
G-BPLZ Hughes 369HS

light aircraft grass parking area
EI-SKS Robin R2160 based
G-BYFD Grob 115A
G-SBMO Robin R2160 I based
EI-GSM Cessna 182S Sklylane
EI-CRX SOCATA TB-9 Tampico Club based
EI-CAC Grob G.115A based
EI-CAD Grob G.115A based
G-AYJA Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur
G-BYFD Grob G.115A
EI-BUH Lake LA.4-200 Buccaneer
EI-BJM Cessna A.152 Aerobat based
EI-BYG SOCATA TB.9 Tampico Club based
EI-STT Cessna 172M based
EI-BSC Cessna F.172N Skyhawk based
EI-CHM Cessna F150M based
EI-CAE Grob G.115A based
EI-CDV Cessna 150G based
G-BBTH Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk II for sale
EI-CCD Grob G.115A
G-BZGH Reims Cessna F.172N Skyhawk II
EI-EDR Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow based
D-EJAK Piper PA-28-236 Dakota

grass area south of heli parking
EI-BCU SOCATA MS880B Rallye 100T derelict
EI-BUG SOCATA S10 Diplomate derelict
EI-CGG Ercoupe 415C derelict

G-CSIX Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six 18:54
EI-BCK Reims/ Cessna F.172N II Skyhawk based
EI-BUN Beechcraft 76 Duchess based 19:02
EI-GSE Reims Cessna F.172M based 19:16
carries National Flight Centre titles
EI- CML Cessna 150M based 19:21
EI-CFP Cessna 172P Skyhawk based 19:27
G-KFRA Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six based 19:27

When talking to a flying club member, he told us that the major
construction taking place on the other [nothern] side of the airfield,
was to be the new terminal plus hangarage area for general
aviation and when it’s complete all the hangars on this, the
southern side, would be demolished, because they are too
close to the newly lenghtened runway. also it's hoped to install
a VOR at the airfield.

Day 5
Westpoint-Dublin Airport Thurs 5th Aug 2004
We decided to give the main airport a miss and concentrate on the
lesser known area’s. Westpoint is the Irish Helicopter’s main base
on the southern edge of the airport. The member of staff we spoke
to was very plesent, but told us that visitors were not allowed airside
access, because it’s within the airport boundry.
We managed to note a few heli’s from the security fence.

on apron
EI-BLD Bolkow MBB Bo.105DB based
EI-DBN Bell 407
G-BMAV Aerospatiale AS350B Ecureuil
EI-CGQ Aerospatiale AS350B Ecureuil
EI-LIT MBB Bo105S based Cork
EI-CUG Bell 206B Jet Ranger II

West Airport Light Aircraft parking area Thurs 5th Aug 2004
very limited viewing as we were’nt sure where the best spot/s
G-BING Reims / Cessna F.172P Skyhawk based
N125GP Learjet 31A based
EI-CMB Piper PA-28 Cherokee 140

Knocksadan Thurs 5th Aug 2004
This site was set up as the main base for Celtic Helicopters. About
3k north of the new Dublin airport control tower. The lady we asked,
checked with the maintaince staff, but they were very busy and
could’nt accommodate us. She suggested we go to the side gate
and take photo’s and notes from there. Which we did.

apron area
EI-JBC Agusta A109A based
EI-SBM Agusta A109E based
EI-CWH Agusta A109E
EI-GAN Bell 407
EI-BIJ Agusta-Bell AB-206B JetRanger 2 based

Trim Thurs 5th Aug 2004
Again luck was on our side, as the airfield owner Pat Murphy was
just finishing lifting silage from the sides of the airstrip when we
arrived, unannounced I might add. We asked if we could have a
look in the hangar. No problem at all and we were in.

At the clubhouse
EI-DDC Reims Cessna F172M based
EI-AYK Reims Cessna F172M Skyhawk II based
G-CCFI Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six based
EI-POD Cessna 177B Cardinal based
G-BNMO Cessna R182 Skylane RG II based

in hangar
EI-BCM Piper J/3C-65-Cub based
EI-CUT Maule MX 7-180A based
G-MZIB Pegasus Quantum 15 based
G-MWHX Solar Wings Pegasus XL-Q based
EI-SAT Steen Skybolt based
EI-CCF Aeronca 11AC Chief based
EI-BAJ SNCAN Stampe SV-4C based

and that was more or less where our trip ended. A very interesting
tour altogether, where we met many friendly and helpful people. We
would like to thank everyone who help in any to make this trip a
very interesting and satisifying tour around the country. A couple of
points should be made:
If you are thinking of trying something similar, you should use the
largest scale maps you can. I have the O/s 50000 series, which I
found to be very good, except where new roads have been
constructed since the maps were produced. All maps show road
numbers M1, N1 R201 ect, but they are very seldom repeated on
most roadsigns, in particular the R roads.
hope you find something of interest in the list.
Ian Thompson and Hugo Wilhare.
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